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This page gives the possibility to download the MEDAN data base.


Download MEDAN data base

data base tutorial (in German)

We are pleased to present the MEDAN data base to the scientific community for research purposes only. We have to interdict all commercial usage. Additionally, if you download the data base you agree not to make it accessible in the internet elsewhere.

Content of the data base
There are several literature references for the data base available. We hope this facilitates the start.

Size and format
The MEDAN data base contains the data of 382 patients. It is a Microsoft(R) Access (Version 97) data base. The Microsoft(R) Access data base program is often bundled with Word and Excel in the Microsoft MS Office packet. The data base was compressed with the publicly available WinZip (Version 8.0) program. Thus, you have to have these programs in order to work with the data base.

The data were copied from intensive care unit records in the years 1998-2002 by medical documentation staff. All patients have septic shock of abdominal cause. The records were supported by the following clinics: Participating clinics.

All kind of documentation errors were reduced by monitoring and consistency checks of the data. Nevertheless, we do not take any responsibilities for any possible error. You are resonsible youself for any eventually necessary data preprocessing.

We have used the data for building an alarm system for the high risk patients in the ICU with a mortality of 50%. The alarm system is presently used in our prospective study of septic shock of abdominal cause. The actual development is is updated on the MEDAN web page There, you will find additional informations for the research project MEDAN.

Content of the data base

  • personal record (age, length of ICU stay, Exitus, ...)
  • vital parameters (blood pressure, heart frequency, Leukocytes, ...)
  • operations (OP 301-Code)
  • diagnosis/therapies (ICD10-Code)
  • additional selected therapies with own encoding keys and
  • all important medications (partly by dosis, e.g. Catecholamines, partly as given/not given)

You will find the content of the data base in the corresponding tables. For your analysis you should be aware that with the exception of the personal record the data are time series data. The data are therefore time stamped with the date and the time of recording.

Literature references

Because the creation of this data base is based on the cooperative efforts of the whole MEDAN team, we ask you to cite it in all published work based on the data base in the following way:

"E. Hanisch, R. Brause, B. Arlt, J. Paetz, K. Holzer, ... The MEDAN data base (web site and data base download),, created in the research project MEDAN, supported by the DFG with grant HA 1456/7, Version: December 2003."

We wish you good success for your work with the MEDAN data base!

Best regards

Your MEDAN Team

P.S. Please give us feedback and send us your comments or papers to info @ .